Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life. Simply Put

There are many things to be talked about. Life, kitties, jobs, people, loving, hating, cooking, cold weather, knitting, conversations, indulging, coffee, chocolate, making and keeping friends, recipes, clothing, drinks, dresses, heels, pearls, dreams, scents, getting crafty, collages. There are many more things that make up my daily regime but this just spotlights some of my faves. I hope to keep things interesting, but as many know life is not always this. Sometimes I feel like I'm just floating through the day with no real importance. It's nice though not to have the responsibility and pressure of life's little dumbbells on my shoulders. 

Let's start with a not so simple subject- Love. Everyone has at least felt this wonderful feeling once if not more in their life time. It seems to be one of the greatest unexplainable forces of nature.  It is simple yet complex and even though it is one of the hardest things to admit it just makes life worth living. 

Once Upon a Love

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