Wednesday, March 2, 2011

po·ta·to + mus·tard + spin·ach = de·li·cious


noun, often attributive
\pə-ˈtā-(ˌ)tō, -tə, dialect pə-ˈdā-, bə-\
plural po·ta·toes

a : an erect South American herb (Solanum tuberosum) of the nightshade family widely cultivated for its edible starchy tuber b : the tuber of a potato —called also Irish potato, spud, white potato
I have to say I really like this veggie. It's very versital and happens to go with just about any meal and it's even a meal in itself.
Most recently I created a new potato dish using red skined potatos and whole grain mustard.
I started with olive oil in my cast iron.
When hot I added my chopped potatos, salt and pepper.
After they start to brown a little and look "crispy" add whloe grain mustard.
I like this brand best, but any whole grain will work.
I also add classic Frenches Yellow mustard, thyme, apple cyder vinigar and a pat of butter.
Once all has cooked in the skillet together and the potatos are cooked to a desirable texture add two hand fulls of fresh baby spinach. Allow the spinach to cook just until it looks soft and a wet dark green in color. remove from heat and serve.

I had this dish with cous cous (more on the pasta side). Super deliciuos. 

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